Gibela Stakeholder Forum

The Gibela Stakeholder Forum was established in September 2015 to promote open dialogue with stakeholders in the Ekurhuleni municipal area. Open dialogue allows us to recognise and manage the interests and objectives of our stakeholders who could be affected by our operations.

The Forum meets on a quarterly/monthly basis. Agenda for the meetings include updates on the:

  • Project
  • Recruitment plan
  • Enterprise development plan and
  • Socio-economic development

Stakeholders include suppliers, transport associations, business associations, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and women, youth and disability interest groups.

Business-to-business engagements

Another medium through which we engage with our stakeholders is through hosting of business-to-business engagements.

  • Gibela and PRASA hosted a supplier day in March 2015 for manufacturers of railway equipment and components in the rolling stock project. Some 800 prospective component suppliers joined us on the day. The event provided us with an opportunity to interact with local manufacturers, explain our sourcing processes and requirements and share business opportunities. Prospective suppliers were able to take away a sound understanding of what will be needed for the local manufacturing programme. And it assisted us to identify potential local suppliers.
  • We held a construction sector workshop in July 2015 with 450 participants in order to exchange information on the scope of the construction programme and contractor selection process. Critical to fulfilling local content commitments is the construction of our manufacturing facility and the ancillary supplier park in Dunnottar, in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. Construction companies owned by black women, youth, as well as those classified as small- and medium-sized, were particularly encouraged to attend. The interaction allowed Gibela to engage with the construction sector in an open and transparent manner ahead of the start of the Dunnottar works.

Direct community engagement

Public meetings are held on a regular basis with the aim of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders to increase their understanding of how the rolling stock project would unfold. The meetings are open to all interested parties.