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    Take a tour of our factory

    Gibela’s manufacturing site in Dunnottar, Ekurhuleni, is at the cutting edge of train production and a critical hub of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

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    Take a tour of our factory

    Gibela’s manufacturing site in Dunnottar, Ekurhuleni, is at the cutting edge of train production and a critical hub of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Welcome to Gibela

Gibela is a black economic empowerment (BEE) rail transport consortium comprising French rail company, Alstom (70%) and Ubumbano Rail (30%). It was established in 2013, initially as a ring-fenced company for the execution of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa’s (Prasa) rolling-stock fleet-renewal programme.

Journey with us

Gibela’s mandate is to elevate South Africa’s commuter rail as the transport mode of choice. We are working hard to ensure that we revitalise the country’s rail sector, while driving inclusive economic growth and uplifting communities.

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Quote from the CEO


We have made great strides in elevating commuter rail as the transport mode of choice for the South African consumer, and continue to deliver on the mandate set out by PRASA to generate positive social and economic impact for the country.

Hector Danisa, Gibela CEO

Covid-19 resources

Gibela supports the South African government’s measures to protect citizens from Covid-19, while ensuring the economy operates as fully as possible. We remain committed to ensuring that our employees are safe and have put measures in place to ensure that all Gibela sites meet the highest standards of Covid-19 health protocols.

Our values

Our values guide our everyday behaviour and every choice we make in the process of achieving our objectives. Our vision is to lead the revitalisation of South Africa’s railway sector. Gibela’s management has made a promise to lead the way in living these values.

Latest News & Media

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Passenger trains driven by traction motors provide a faster, smoother ride

It is important that commuter trains waste as little time as possible when leaving platforms, not only to save passengers time when travelling from station to station, but also to allow for trains to arrive at the station in quick succession, especially during peak periods.

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There is no career not meant for women - This is why

There is no career that is not meant for women, says Gibela procurement operations executive Colette Yende.

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“Young women can work in any sector”: Colette Yende, Procurement Operations Executive, Gibela

Colette Yende is Procurement Operations Executive at Gibela, which manufactures train sets for the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). This means she has to ensure that any supplies Gibela requires for manufacturing are ready when needed. To do this efficiently, she must also manage Gibela’s relationships with its suppliers.

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Make a difference

Join us here to find out how our work contributes to the economic development of the communities near our facilities, and to South Africa as a whole.

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Fact sheets

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Gibela’s focus on quality

Gibela’s efforts to change the railway sector by producing world-class trains

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Delivering on our mandate

We are rolling out state-of-the-art X’trapolis Mega commuter trains as per our contractual obligations to PRASA.


First proudly South African trains

The X’Trapolis Mega is a South African first.

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Gibela bursaries

This year, Gibela has bursaries available for South African university students and for those studying at technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges. The bursary is granted for one year, renewable on an annual basis, and is awarded based on academic performance. Current first- and second-year candidates are encouraged to apply.