Stakeholder forum invitation

Gibela will replace South Africa’s outdated rolling stock and deliver 600 passenger trains into the South African rail network over the next 10 years.

This is not simply a train replacement programme. It is Gibela’s strategic objective to create a flagship industrial environment that is a catalyst for the South African railway’s revitalization and one that sets a world-class benchmark. In addition to delivering modern, safe coaches, Gibela will act as a catalyst for transformation by addressing socio-economic challenges – creating jobs, developing skills and uplifting the living standards of all those directly and indirectly affected by the project.

This include a R1 billion manufacturing plant to be built in Dunnottar in Ekurhuleni. It is here that the majority on the new rolling stock will be built – initially 580 trains comprising of 3,480 coaches. The plant will be a critical hub, providing on-site maintenance services, a training facility for railway-specific artisan skills and an engineering centre of excellence. Gibela’s factory will be the cutting edge of rail equipment production.

Gibela invites community based organisations to express their interest to participate in the Gibela Stakeholder Engagement Forum. The main objective of the forum is to inform the community of the project roll-out plans which shall provide opportunities for employment, skills development and socio-economic development.

  • The purpose of the Stakeholder Forum is to share information on:
    • project progress and milestones.
    • skills development opportunities and processes to be followed;
    • job opportunities and processes to be followed;
    • enterprise development opportunities and processes to be followed; and
    • socio-economic development projects plans, proposals and progress reports

Interested organisations can direct their interest in writing to Gibela, by forwarding the following information using registered mail to Private Bag X5; Gallo Manor; 2052. Submissions are open until Tuesday, 25 August 2015.

  • Requirements to participate in the Forum:
    • Only organisations representing specific constituencies (no individuals);
    • Name of the organisation, including founding documents e.g. the constitution;
    • Membership database or register;
    • Resolution of the meeting in which a decision was taken to participate;
    • Name of one representative nominated to represent the organisation
    • Contact details and contact person other than the nominated representative; and
    • List of all the executive members as well as their ID numbers and positions within the organisation