Gibela confident it will deliver 600 new train sets to PRASA by 2029 deadline

In 2013, Gibela signed a R51-billion contract to supply PRASA with 600 six-car trains for its Metrorail service. The Gibela shareholders are Alstom (61%), Ubumbano Rail (30%) and New Africa Rail (9%).

Gibela also has a contract to deliver post- delivery train maintenance and technical support to PRASA, and to manufacture and supply spare parts.

Danisa says Gibela’s operations at its manufacturing plant in Dunnottar, Nigel, will “soon get back on track”.

“Our target for 2020/21 is 25 trains and we have so far produced and delivered 13.

“We are set to achieve this target, as we are now able to produce three train sets per month, up from the two train sets per month before May.”

Gibela has already delivered 43 new passenger trains to PRASA in total. Twenty of the trains were manufactured in Brazil.

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