Production Performance

With 17 trains to build in just six months, sleeves must be rolled up and all hands must be on deck. For the month of September, we are already far behind the Master Production Schedule. There are several challenges in both our industrial processes and those of suppliers in our supply chain.

With this in mind, initiatives introduced to improve production turnaround times include revised operational routines and training, plus various interventions on the shopfloor for both workers and middle management.

Says Operations Officer Bernard Peille: “We have progressed a lot in the way we monitor our operations with a number of key performance indicators demonstrating our performance and the challenges we face. Remedial actions have been defined and we have to’ walk the talk’ as we remobilise the whole site.”

Of the plan to catch up on lost production, Bernard says this is based on using the buffers in the current schedule and rallying the company to cope with the challenges, all within a safe environment.

“Safety cannot and will not be compromised for production,” he says.

Adherence to daily routines remains a key focus of management, together with the provision of support to any areas of concern in production output. Tools at the company’s disposal include industrial development, tools readiness – training and supplier capability to meet the demands of the company’s delivery programme.