Gibela Rail: assisting PRASA in improving the lives of commuters

RS Operations Executive at Gibela Rail, Loïc Le Gorrec, takes us through the processes he has implemented at the company, breaks down his leadership style, and gives insight into the world of train manufacturing.

What have been some of your biggest challenges in your role as RS Operations Executive? Could you also touch on the specific challenges COVID-19 has brought?

Our contract is the biggest contract of the railway industry—it’s a R51-billion contract to deliver 600 newly-built train sets to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa. The company is young with a young workforce and we have to deliver a complex product. Our biggest challenge was to start the Ramp Up process 18 months ago. The factory delivered only one train every two months, whereas the demand at this period was two trains per month. We launched key workshops to improve our efficiency. The first one was on the processes and tools to monitor the progress of the production: we developed and deployed simple but very efficient visual management boards and we redefined how to use our MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

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